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Construct Power and Stamina Each Week with Simply Two Dumbbells

Welcome to the Males’s Well being Dumbbell Membership, your new weekly plan for a fitter, stronger physique, utilizing simply two dumbbells. Click on right here to go again and take a look at earlier weeks or just get caught into our newest providing— week 20 – and comply with the programme from right here.

New This Week…

We’re shifting into the fourth and remaining week of our ‘density conditioning blocks’ section, ending robust with three extra ‘repeat and beat’ classes this week, wanting again to our exercise notes from week 18 and aiming to smash our earlier rep scores. This ensures we’re utilising ‘progressive overload’ constructing power and including muscle.

As in earlier weeks from this section, every exercise will include a single 30-minute block. Your aim is to make your method by as many top quality rounds as attainable, resting solely as essential to catch your breath and maintain your type sharp, aiming to beat your beforehand scored reps and rounds, and pushing previous your earlier limits.

If that is your first week within the membership, otherwise you didn’t report your scores beforehand, merely carry out as many top quality reps as you possibly can throughout the 30-minute window.

Each exercise is designed to hit your full-body, concentrating on your chest, again, shoulders, quads and hamstrings throughout the week, whereas additionally pumping up these arms and delivering a lung-scorching conditioning impact that’s certain construct health and burn energy.

In case your aim is to shed some physique fats, then that is the proper section for you. When mixed with a sensible, sustainable consuming plan that ensures your physique is in a calorie deficit over the course of every week, whereas additionally offering you with sufficient power to smash your coaching classes, you’re certain to start dropping fats whereas preserving lean muscle and constructing explosive health.

Coach’s tip: Use a pen and paper to trace your exercises and attempt to keep away from Instagram doomscrolling between units. Whereas there’s nothing inherently improper with this, staying aware of your breath and focussed on the reps forward will provide help to to optimise your relaxation, and finally— maximise your good points

DAY ONE (W20/D1)

After a radical warm-up, seize your dumbbells, set a countdown timer for half-hour and work your method by as many top quality rounds of the next circuit as attainable. Relaxation as essential to maintain your type on level, however push your self exhausting if you wish to see outcomes.

On the finish of every spherical, make an observation of what number of reps you carried out for every motion, making a working tally for the complete exercise.

Hold this secure, we’ll be referring again to your ‘rating’ within the coming weeks.

1. Entrance Squat x 15-20 reps

Clear your dumbbells onto the entrance of your shoulders (A). From right here, drop right into a entrance squat, by pushing your hips again and bending on the knees till your thighs go parallel to the bottom (B), earlier than driving again up explosively. Hold these dumbbells secured excessive, with a powerful, upright torso all through.

2. Bent-Over Row x 10- 15 reps

After your remaining squat, drop your dumbbells to your sides, hinge ahead till your torso is nearly parallel to the bottom and permit the dumbbells to hold slightly below your knees (A). Sustaining a flat again, row each dumbbells in the direction of your hips (B), squeeze your shoulder blades collectively and decrease beneath management to the beginning earlier than repeating.

3. Push Press x 8-12 reps

Clear your dumbbells again onto your shoulders, palms dealing with in. Take a breath and create stress in your core. (A) Dip on the knees and use your legs to assist (B) press your dumbbells overhead. Decrease with a managed tempo to your shoulders and repeat. In case your weights really feel a bit too mild, don’t use any drive from the legs and give attention to a strict press from the shoulders.

4. Soar Squats x 20

Lean barely ahead as you squat (A), then explode up, leaping as excessive as you possibly can (B). Cushion your touchdown with bent legs, then sink instantly again into one other squat and repeat. Intention for the utmost attainable peak you possibly can obtain on every rep, even when meaning pausing for a fast breath. We’re seeking to produce energy right here, not merely undergo the motions.

DAY TWO (W20/D2)

As with day one, carry out a radical warm-up and work your method by as many rounds as attainable in half-hour, recording your efforts for every motion.

1. Dumbbell Deadlift x 10-15 reps

Along with your dumbbells on the ground simply outdoors of your toes, hinge down and grip them with a flat again and impartial backbone (A). Have interaction your lats and stand upright, pushing the bottom away together with your toes, conserving your chest up and black flat all through (B). Decrease them again to the bottom in a hinging movement and repeat. Keep away from extreme rounding in your decrease again, conserving your type tight all through. Don’t rush, in a race to construct muscle, slower and regular wins.

2. Dumbbell Ground (or Bench) Press x 10-15 reps

Lay flat in your again together with your knees bent and your toes flat on the bottom. Press the weights above you, locking out your elbows (A). Decrease them slowly till your higher arms are resting onthe flooring (B), near your physique, pause right here earlier than explosively urgent again up. When you’ve got a bench, use it.

3. Renegade Row x 10 (either side/ 20 complete)

Drop right into a press-up place together with your arms in your bells and midline tight (A). Shifting your weight onto your left hand, row the appropriate dumbbell in the direction of your hip (B). Pause briefly, then decrease the burden beneath management. Repeat in your left aspect (every row equals one rep)

4. Burpee Over ‘Bells x 10

With each dumbbells on the ground subsequent to you, step again and hit the deck right into a press-up place. Decrease your physique till your chest touches the ground (A). Stand again up and bounce powerfully over the dumbbells (B) – driving by your hips while you take off. Land and instantly drop to the ground and repeat. The dumbbells maintain you accountable for the peak of every bounce.


As with day one and two, carry out a radical warm-up and work your method by as many rounds as attainable in half-hour, recording your efforts for every motion.

1. Push-Up on Dumbbells x 10

Assume an extended arm plank place, together with your core tight and, arms under your shoulders stacked on high of your dumbbells (A), bend your elbows to deliver your chest to the ground (B). Hold your elbows near your physique as you push again up explosively.

2. Excessive Pull x 8-12 reps

Stand tall together with your dumbbells at your waist, in entrance of your physique. (A) Maintaining your core tight, hinge ahead barely earlier than explosively standing again upright and pulling the dumbbells up in the direction of your chin, driving your elbows up and again (B). Slowly decrease again all the way down to your waist beneath full management. Keep away from merely dropping your dumbbells again to your waist to construct extra muscle and keep away from damage. In case your dumbbells really feel mild, keep away from the assistance out of your hips and easily stand tall and pull the weights as much as your chin.

3. Tempo Goblet Squats x 10

Maintain a single dumbbell near your chest (A). Sink your hips again and slowly, over a rely of 4 seconds, descend right into a squat (B). Your elbows ought to are available in between your knees on the backside. Drive again up explosively. Repeat. Take note of that tempo, it issues.

4. Cut up Squat Soar x 20 reps (complete)

The 1st step foot backward and sink right into a deep lunge, together with your rear knee evenly touching the ground (A). Explode upward, leaping into the air and switching legs mid bounce (B) to land in a lunge.

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